Since 2009, along with JoAnna Novak and Thomas Cook, Tyler has edited and published the journal Tammy. TAMMY is a print journal and chapbook publisher from the esteemed fringes and unguarded egresses of American letters. Each of the editors reads every submission, and though issues vary in arrival of their publication, the production has been continuous. Having published writers as well known and wonderful as Alice Notley, Rosemarie Waldrop, Lydia Davis, David Trinidad, and many others, Tammy also drives on reading and coming across many writers the editors have not yet encountered. In early 2016, the Tammy held a reading period for chapbooks, and after reading so many remarkable submissions, chose to remain open to chapbook submissions year-round. Series 1 was published, with works by three writers (Anthony Madrid, Coco Owens, Andrew Seguin), in 2016, and series 2 will be launched in early 2017. Check out the site for more information. 

Started in 2010 as a way to cross the visual play of the page and the poet, Tyler started On The Escape. The aim was to have one female and one male poet per episode. Each poet would read two poems and, along with co-editor Ted Dodson, Tyler would film the readers on a fire escape somewhere in NYC and edit the various footage into a poem film, to be published online with the poem. Many episodes have yet to be posted, and might arrive like gnarled yachts for posterity, but the journal will remain alive. Previous episodes have featured Chris Martin and Mary Austin Speaker, Jennifer Tamayo and Ken Walker, Amy Lawless and Ryan Doyle May, and others. Sample episodes below.