Visiting Assistant Professor: College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY-ESF) 2018-PRESENT

Courses taught: Writing and the Environment; Writing for Science Professionals; The Art of Storytelling; Creative Nonfiction in the Sciences; Research Writing and the Humanities

Other positions: Coordinator of the Digital Storytelling Studio, Managing Editor of Unearthed, Mentor for ESF in the High Schools, Co-producer and director of a “Clean Energy Master Plan” film.

Professional Writing Instructor: Syracuse University                                                         Fall 2014-December, 2015

·         Taught courses in Academic Writing, Creative Nonfiction, and Technical Writing to students in all four years of the undergraduate career.

·         Built syllabi from scratch and implemented numerous texts and lesson plans.

·          Served in additional capacity as a writing tutor in the Writing Center, and member of the Major/Minor Committee.


Adjunct Writing Instructor: LeMoyne College                                                                     Fall 2014

·         Taught two sections of Critical Writing.


Writing Instructor: English Dept. of Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL                    2007–2009

·         Taught introductory and intermediate levels of Writing and Rhetoric courses.


Lead English Teacher: BRIDGE, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL                         2008-2009

·         Lead English instructor: summer program for conditionally admitted students.


Poet-in-Residence: Chicago Poetry Center’s Hands on Stanzas Program                       2008-2009

·         Taught poetry and built lesson plans for nine classes of students across Chicago’s public schools.


                                                                                                                 Student Testimonials:

From Writing 105: Practices of Academic Writing

"Tyler always encouraged new points of view. I have become a better researcher."

"I loved this class and learned a lot. He taught me to think deeper and to open my eyes to the world of literacy."

"He is very nice, challenging, and helpful."

"The instructor always found a smooth way to join our conversations and keep them lively."

"He was always timely and thoughtful in commenting on my writing." 

"I learned to analyze critically and provide reasons to back up my arguments. The professor knows what he's talking about and how to keep students interested."

"This semester was very hard for me and Tyler helped me push through it. He was invested in me."

"Very good teacher who was very knowledgeable in all units of the course. Always available via email and office hours."

"I learned to write with purpose. Not just for myself but for an audience. Our Professor loved having discussions. You could see that he really enjoyed listening to what people thought about a topic and he was always enthusiastic about class. I will definitely want him to teach future writing classes I might take."

"He was an amazing teacher. Gave great, individualized, prompt feedback."

From Writing 114: Writing Culture

"Tyler was engaged and enthusiastic and always bringing great suggestions and feedback to my writing."

"Tyler provided ample feedback on all our work. I have learned the importance of pushing myself to write and let words flow, even when I don't think I am producing my best work."

"I was always excited for this class. His feedback was helpful, he was available, and he was timely."

"Excellent course. He made me excited about my writing again. In case my writing was unclear, this class was amazing and the professor was inspired."

"He was very emphatic and energetic. He really cared about our writing."

"Tyler was so approachable and gave great feedback. I learned many types of writing."

From Writing 307: Advanced Writing Studio

"I have never enjoyed writing classes but the instructor's methods made this one of the most enjoyable and beneficial classes I have ever taken."

"Tyler was by far the best writing professor I've ever had."

"Tyler was great and very passionate. He is extremely intelligent and cares about the students and their work."

"Tyler might be the best professor I've ever had in a non-Whitman class. His ability to stay down to earth and connect with the students is unparalleled to other professors. He was also extremely professional, organized, and helpful."

"He is effective."



Founding Editor and Publisher, Tammy, 2008-Present.

Founding Editor and Publisher, On the Escape, 2010-Present.

Editor, Columbia Poetry Review, 2008-2009.

Editorial Assistant, Hotel Amerika, 2008-2009.

Poetry Editor, Firethorne, 2004-2005.