American Flowers, Dock Street Press (November, 2016):  American Flowers is a book of prose poems and photographs.(Available at Dock Street Press, or through SPD)

                                                          Find a review of American Flowers at FANZINE. As well as at Rivulet

Side Cars & Road Sides, Greying Ghost Press (2017)

Modern Camping, Poetry Society of America (Poetry Society of American chapbook fellowship, selected by John Yau: 2014)

The Point, or What I Cannot Recall, Greying Ghost Press (chapbook: 2012)

Monster: a Glottochronology [w/Thomas Cook], Alice Blue (chapbook: 2012)

Dog the Man a Star, S.C. Press (chapbook: 2009)



"Arrivals," Washington Square Review (Spring, 2018)

"from AMERICAN HOURS," Denver Quarterly (Spring, 2018--52.2)

"Anthem," Columbia Poetry Review, 30th Anniversary Issue

“Or Loss,” Los Angeles Review, Vol.16

The Dregs,” No, Dear, Vol. 13.

 excerpt from  “Persona Graph,” Sentence, a Journal of Prose Poetics, Vol.9.

“Nightmare Directed by Wim Wenders,” Black Warrior Review. Vol.

“Before the Bride,” Artifice, Vol.4.

Nightmare Directed by Victor Erice.” Make Magazine. Vol. 10.

“Void” and “The Sound,”  “Void,” and “The Sound.” Corduroy Mtn. Vol.3. 

excerpt from  “Monster: a Glottochronology,” (w/ Thomas Cook). Spinning Jenny. Vol.11.

excerpt from  “Have the Hands Ask it Back,” Eleven Eleven, Vol.7.

“Fellini Females.” Copper Nickel. Vol. 13.

“Bud Cort.” Court Green. Vol. 7.

“Circling,” Denver Quarterly

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excerpt from “The Three-Hour Swedish Problem.” Quarterly West. Issue 66.

excerpt from “Have the Hands Ask it Back.” Zoland Poetry Annual. Vol.3.



from G.I. Joe Bathtub Gin [w/Thomas Cook]. Calamity

excerpt from American Flowers and a Prose poem Review Response to Thomas Cook's review of American Flowers, Rivulet

SUMMONINGFlying Object


from Henry Miller and the Bagel Shop [w/Thomas Cook]. Yes Poetry

from AMERICAN HOURSTerritory


from LAMINATE QUIVER. Public Pool

from “Transfer.” California Journal of Poetics.

from DECADE MODE [w/Thomas Cook]. Posit Journal

Gramercy Park.” (poem +photograph) BOMB, 2015. 

excerpt from “Away.Flag + Void. Issue Two.

Three from Sidebrow

“I am a Natural Wonder.” [poem and film]. I am a Natural Wonder.

excerpt from “Have the Hands Ask it Back.” LEVELER.

excerpt from “Involving Names and Places.” Phantom Limb.

“Negatives” and from Have the Hands Ask It Back. Otoliths..

Nothing Particularly Local Going On.” Out of Nothing.

Tropism” and “Worry.” Diagram. 10.5. 

 “Five poems” and a poem film. Slope.

Four Poems.” PANK.


Contributions to Anthologies

excerpts from TROPOPAUSE (w/Joe Milazzo) in They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing (Black Lawrence Press, June 2018)

excerpts from “Walking,” in City, a collaborative chapbook.  Sidebrow Press (2012)

excerpt from Away in Berryman’s Fate: a Centenary Celebration in Verse. Arlen House (2014)

Published Photographs

Cover and insert pagePoetry Project Newsletter #236

Author photo for Jean Valentine's Shirt In Heaven

and Collected Essays on Jean Valentine

cover photograph for JoAnna Novak's I MUST HAVE YOU

Video Poems / Appearances

Video for Alan Gilbert's "Transdermal Express"

role in Kate Greenstreet's CLARE

Select Nonfiction and Reviews

Staff reviewer at 4square review

"On Cruising a Writer's Oeuvre,Catapult

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Returning to the Self,” Entropy Magazine

"His Stack of Palimpsests:" a review of William Gaddis's THE RECOGNITIONS (HTML GIANT)

On Johannes Goransson's PILOTin Octopus Magazine